Waiting on Spring

I was driving home from the Giant food store to pick up medicine for my husband Arvid the other day. It was raining, cold and grey outside. It was supposed to be Spring with warmer temperatures and flowers and trees bursting with new life. Someone told me that it was the coldest weather we have had in Virginia in many years. Some of the trees were trying with all their might to show their pretty leaves or blossoms but most of the trees were bare. I have seen daffodils show their little faces at the SCSM Center but for the most part Spring has not arrived. I also heard in the conversations that I have had with others that they had enough of Winter and wanted Spring to arrive.

Then I thought of those who are grieving the loss of loved ones. They are aching for Spring to arrive in their hearts. They feel like they will never get out of the winter of their grief. There is loneliness, tears, anger, unanswered questions, and pain, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Nothing is coming forth but depression and despair. It seems for them that Spring will never arrive. I whispered a prayer for you today. Winter will become Spring. It may take longer than you want it to take. It will be painful but not forever. It will come if you take those first steps to healing. We are here to help you at the Spiritual Care Support Ministry Center. Give us a call. Soon you will see new growth appearing in your life and I am sure your loved one is smiling.

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