Bereavement and Personal Loss Counseling and Support

Spiritual Care Support Ministries provides faith-based education, training, counseling, and spiritual support to those who are ill, dying, grieving, experiencing personal loss and those who journey with them.  It is our mission to provide compassionate care and emotional healing for individuals and families struggling with loss and pain, whether from illness, the death of a loved one, a chronic condition, divorce, or other personal losses. Our counseling services, spiritual retreats, inspirational studies, and  support groups give people strength, hope, and enduring faith during many of the most difficult times of their lives.  

Our support is strengthened through a faith-based perspective with open dialogues. We understand that each person’s beliefs and the way in which we each mourn and heal is different; yet each person needs encouragement and compassion as they work through their feelings. Through the care and professional assistance of our more than 40 counselors and facilitators and 100+ volunteers, Spiritual Care Support Ministries provides these services free of charge to those in need.

SCSM is a non-denominational, non-profit 501c3 organization. Our vision is to establish a local, national, and international resource center for all to take part in when they need it most. SCSM provides training and support across Virginia, and also assists individuals and families nationwide through remote counseling via phone, apps such as Zoom, Facetime, Skype,  informational resources, inspirational messages, and more.

SCSM has continued to grow and impact more lives through our commitment to our values and our unshakable faith. Through God’s Word and prayer and effective support, we believe that those who come to us for help will be able to find hope and healing and see that there is a future for them. We ardently believe in the value of every human life, and give each person the individual attention, care, support, and compassion they need and deserve regardless of their situation. Each person’s thoughts and feelings are recognized, valued, and respected.

From our staff to our volunteers, to our support groups and participants, we uphold the highest integrity in all aspects of what we do. Personal stories are treated with confidentiality, discretion, and respect and each person is mindful of the unique battle the individual faces. SCSM is built on the power of faith, integrity, love, and compassion, and each person’s own expression of grief and loss is acknowledged and accepted without judgment.