Our First Book

bookJourney from Heartache to Hope, True Stories of God’s Miraculous Healing Power
By Elizabeth G. Danielsen

Journey from Heartache to Hope is filled with true stories told by SCSM clients and volunteers. Your spirit will be renewed by the faith of people in devastating situations that should rob them of happiness and comfort, but instead has brought strength and courage to their lives.

SCSM staff, pastoral and lay counselors, and volunteers love this ministry and what it represents to people in need. We appreciate the people who pass through our doors and allow us into their lives and hearts. We share their tears and pain, and we hold their stories close to our hearts. We rejoice when healing begins, and we see the glimpses of joy in their future.

This book is a compilation of stories that the people we encounter on this journey have given us to share to help others understand what this ministry is about. Journey from Heartache to Hope illustrates what is possible when people learn to rely on God to provide His arms of comfort. He is the safe place for us to mourn, grow, and live our lives in peace.

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Book Testimonials:

When God Himself is building the house, the labor of the builders is hopeful and productive.  So it is with the embracing and life-giving labor of the Spiritual Care Support Ministry and its new book Journey From HeartAche To Hope – True Stories of God’s Miraculous Healing Power.   Masterfully applying the metaphor of a great tree lovingly planted and nurtured by God Himself, living testimony after testimony of God’s present and manifest grace, love, and peace is given by sojourning pilgrims just like you and me.  Through these unique and appealing reflections of life we hear God’s voice speaking into us and our situations and circumstances.  From abiding roots nurtured by the Master to grow deep, to healthy growth and the bearing of fruit; through cycles of stress, loss, and renewal we find we are able to discover the provision and purpose God has for our lives:  to know Him and the eternal life with Him.  The result is the deepest desire to stand up and tall, breathing in the sunshine with our arms open wide in joyful experience of abundant life as God has meant it to be.

Rev. Jeff Light, Pastor

“I am halfway through your book....what a huge instructive blessing!

Each chapter moves your heart for the person who has experienced such loss and yet in each and every one there is a treasure they have discovered....a grace given. I see the working out of Mathew 5:4..that those who mourn do receive comfort.

It is well written and sure to be a healing tool to many. I will buy more to pass on. Also, I love the cover and keep looking back at it.

May God continue to provide for this ministry for the encouragement of many, May His life continue to flow through it; and may the power of Jesus continue to strengthen and anoint you for the work.”