My son died three years ago and I still miss him so much. People tell me I must get on with my life. I resent statements like that. Why can’t people understand that bereaved parents desire to get on with their lives but the pain sometimes is just too great?

Family and friends can be very insensitive to a grieving heart, especially if they do not understand the grieving process. The loss of a child is so deep that words cannot even be found to express how it feels. Grief is a process, not an event and it takes as long as you need to Continue Reading >>

I am trying to understand grief and the reactions people have when they grieve so that I can better understand how to support them. What are some common reactions?

Grief is complicated, and there are many variables to the grieving process which include the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological. As I have sat and listened to many people in our support groups, they often share that they feel like they are going “crazy.” This is very real. They may be experiencing some very common Continue Reading >>