Our Center

Our staff was so excited to move into the brand new center in early February 2020. The previous center on Shirley Avenue in Warrenton served us well for many years – it was a small and lovely home, but we eventually outgrew it.  The beautiful new facility is much more spacious and has dedicated work space for the staff (we each have our own office!), more counseling rooms (we used to have just one!), a large multi-purpose meeting room, rooms for groups and classes, and a large area for volunteers and their numerous projects. The center is located at 7179 New Hope Lane in Warrenton. It is situated on seven peaceful acres just across from Chestnut Forks Tennis and Swim Club off of Airlie Road. Watch out for the deer and turkeys when you come to visit.

How did this all come to be?  Many years ago, Chaplain Liz was very supportive to Debbie Coyner in her time of need and, as a result, Debbie was so appreciative as it was so helpful to her in her healing process, that she and her husband Gray wanted to give back to Spiritual Care Support Ministries. They believe that lives are being changed as healing occurs through this ministry, as Debbie experienced for herself. 

God spoke to the Coyners and told them to build a new center so that the rent would be less for SCSM and so SCSM would  then have more money to use for their ministry of helping children, teens and adults that are ill, dying, grieving and experiencing loss.  SCSM would also be able to train more people so that they could effectively help others. 

We are so very grateful to the Coyners for their faith in God and this ministry, and their extreme generosity.