The Unexpected

It’s been four days and my sinus infection continues to give me pain in my eyes, my throat, and my head. The journey this week has been far from pleasant.  My plans for the week had to change.  My “to do” list was quite long and I tried to arrange it so I could perhaps make a dent in it, but to avail.  Do you ever have weeks like that?  You go to bed for the night perfectly fine and then, when you wake up, your world has changed as your physical body is demanding attention.  I could not even think straight, so planning or being at our center would be impossible.  I was unable to facilitate groups this week and am so thankful for those who work with me who can help.  No counseling, no preparing for meetings that are coming up.  All I have been able to do is rest, take my medicine as prescribed by my physician, and drink lots of fluids.   While resting, I realized that there are people for which this is a common daily occurrence for them.  They are Chronically Ill.  They are never sure when they wake up in the morning how they will feel.  They had good intentions of making appointments they promised to make that day.  They had good intentions of having that lunch date with a friend.  They had good intentions to volunteer for that project at church or even at our SCSM Center.  However, their physical body was demanding action and they are unable to do what they truly wanted to do.  They are left all alone feeling very defeated.  For them, this can go on for weeks, months, or years.  Today was a reminder for  me to be thankful.  Even though I may feel really lousy now, with prayer and rest, I will feel better in just a few more days.  For others, that is not true unless God brings healing.  As I rest, God reminds me again that I need to be patient and understanding and show compassion to those who are suffering every day. Those who are healthy can forget that there are those in our circles who are not as fortunate as us physically.  Today, God reminded me that there are lessons to learn and things to be remembered when we are sick.  Nothing we go through in life is wasted.  May we all be sensitive to the chronically ill and their needs, since they are challenged every day. When was the last time you sent them a card or prayed for them? Perhaps, today could be the day.  Ephesians 5:1-2 “Therefore be imitators of God as dear children and walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.”

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