The Power of Your Hands

I was thinking today about my hands, and felt that God was giving me a message about the power of our hands. Would you take a moment before you read on to look at your hands?  Our hands were created by God. No one has hands like you.  Our hands are powerful and can be used to change a person, a city, a country and the world.  Hands are used in so many ways.  Right now we have hands helping people who have been affected by the hurricanes in Houston and Puerto Rico. Hands  are helping in California with the fires. Hands were available to help recently in the Las Vegas shootings. Hands are helping those still in the hospital after the Las Vegas shootings. Animals are rescued by hands when they are hurt.   Hands help in nursing homes and hospitals. Caregivers give of their hands as they help their loved ones and friends. Hands have been used to help children learn how to ride a bike. Hands are used during play time with children. Hands are offered as a greeting to say, “So glad you are here.” Signing with hands brings conversation to others who cannot hear.  Hands clean homes, churches, and centers. Beautiful flowers, fruits, and vegetables come forth because of the seeds that were planted by hands.  Hands held during grief with another bring peace and comfort, showing that they care. Hands bless children, adults and animals. Hands held with another during prayer give spiritual connection. Holding hands in times of danger brings calm. Laying on of hands to a person brings healing from God. Uplifted hands to God bring praise.  Have you taken time today to thank God for your hands and for the many times He has used you in so many ways to help others?  If not, now is a good time.


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