The Power of Partnership in Prayer

Once again I see the benefit of others praying as we call out for prayer support. My husband Arvid was in physical pain throughout the night yesterday.   He finally admitted that he needed to be taken to the hospital.  So off we went early in the morning to the ER.  As they took tests to determine what was going on, I texted those people that I knew I could count on to pray for us. Immediately they texted back that they were praying.  Arvid and I felt the peace of God as we waited for test results and we were thankful for the medication that made him more comfortable.  The cat-scan revealed that Arvid had some kidney stones and one was causing the pain and it needed to get through the bladder.  So I texted my prayer partners again and they joined us through prayer.  We went home from the hospital later in the day at peace believing and asking God for this stone to pass through so that Arvid would not need surgery.  This morning, it happened! We actually have evidence of it!  There is power in prayer.  We need others to join us when we face those daily challenges emotionally, physically and spiritually.   So, who are your prayer partners?  Do you have any?  You don’t need hundreds but you do need to know that those you choose will know how to pray.  Don’t forget to thank them for their partnership in prayer.  At SCSM we believe in the power of prayer.  If you need prayer, email your request to me at

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