The 9th of December

We are now in to the 9th day of December. How are you doing? I know, it is hard. You can hardly think straight and all you can think of is the losses in your life. Getting up to go to work or taking care of your family is about impossible. You may be wondering if God even cares. Your prayers feel empty and you wander if He is even listening. The friends around you are busy and there is no one really listening to you. You are supposed to start your baking today but it is hard to begin. Start with the easiest recipe you have. Put “your kind” of music on and as you are making the batter and just begin to talk out loud to God. You may not think He is listening but He is. Tell Him all that is on your mind and when you are finished, say Amen! I can almost smell those cookies baking. I would love to hear how it went for you. Contact me at

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