Talking is the “Best Medicine”

I just had two of our friends die recently.  Loss affects everyone, not just the immediate family.  These friends represented memories of fun times, challenging times, and awesome spiritual moments when we all felt God was moving in us and through us.  We worked, ate, and dreamed together for our families and our faith community.  I remember the many times we prayed together.  Those are moments you can never get back and they were good and very sacred times for me.  If you are wondering why I am sharing this, it is because I need to mourn.  I need to go public with my pain so that I can heal.  Everyone grieves but not everyone heals.  Dr. Alan Wolfelt has said it best; “Grief needs to go public to heal.”  That is what we share with those that come to Spiritual Care Support Ministries for help.  If we do not speak of the feelings we have inside, eventually we will become physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually sick.  We will begin to isolate ourselves and before long we will no longer have purpose or meaning in life.  Anger, bitterness, and blame then fills our hearts.  Talking and sharing with someone is the “best medicine”.  We need to find people who will allow us to talk and listen to our story.   I don’t want people “fixing me”, nor do you.  I just want to share and tell my story and in so doing, my story about my friends or other loved ones who have died will never end, but continue until my last breath.  The conversation will then continue in heaven where my two friends now live.

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