Support for those who are chronically ill

So many who I sit with at the office are chronically ill. Day after day they have to realize that they know longer can do the things they use to do. For some it came gradually, for others it came quickly. Chronic Illness knows no bounds when it comes to age.  I am thinking about a young mom with children who found out that she has Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Another young father has a nerve condition that keeps him in pain on a daily basis, another person, because of Lyme Disease, has lost her job. The list goes on and on.   When people are finally diagnosed–and often their disease takes years to diagnosed–they are devastated by the information. They grieve the life that they once had and grieve the losses that they will have in the future.   I know that God loves them just as he loves those that are healthy. Sometimes we forget that.  We forget that they need support, listening ears, and understanding. We forget that they need to be valued as a human beings and often need practical help.  Just because they are chronically ill, they are not less a person. They have the same needs as all of us.  Look around, pay attention to those around you. If you have a family member, friend, or co-worker (yes, some chronically ill people can still work) let’s pray for them and give them the patience they deserve. If you are in need of support, chronically ill or not, please contact me.

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