Our Teenager is Grieving

Our teenager is grieving over the loss of his friend who died. How can we as parents help him?

Teens face many pressures, decisions, and problems as a normal part of growing up. When a death or other major loss occurs, it can turn their lives upside down and you need to remember that. It is hard to be a teenager. Be available and listen. Let your teen express his feelings in a safe environment and please don’t judge him. Teens need to know that their grief is respected and understood. Learn about the six central needs of the bereaved and the grieving process so you can be well prepared.

Expect to see changes. There will be physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual changes. Understand that some feelings are scary for him as well as you. Teens need truth, love, clear and reasonable boundaries, privacy and space at times, familiar routines, time with friends, power and freedom to choose, sleep, a good diet and water. I would like to add that they need you as a parent praying continually during this time and lots of patience and love.

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