Let This House Be Known As Home

Let This House Be Known As Home

May it hold the charm of Laughter, yet be a place for peaceful thought.

May it be your family’s Haven whenever love or trust is sought.

May it be a source of Memories, of moments spent in loving care.

May this house be known as Home and may God’ presence fill the air.

-Julie O’Brien

It really does not matter if you live alone or live with many people. Loss can make you feel very alone.  Loss of a loved one, especially around the holidays, can make you feel that you no longer have a home. Your home seems quiet and the memories hurt right now. So often we feel that God is not near.  No matter what your loss may be or how long it may take to get there, the truth is that the presence of God is with you in your home right now.

My prayer today for you as we approach Thanksgiving is that the laughter, joy, peace, and comfort you once experienced will return, and may your house be known as Home where God’s presence fills the air.

Chaplain Liz

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