Journaling To Help Work Through Grief

I like to journal. My sister died and I am having difficulty with her death and someone said that I should be using journaling as one of the ways to help me work through my grief. How do I begin?

I am sorry to hear of your sister’s death. The grief journey can be difficult. However, journaling can be a great tool for healing. Transferring your thoughts and emotions onto a piece of paper unlocks pain and sadness, but also can give you encouragement and hope. As you reread your journal, you will have opportunities to see how you are healing from your loss. You will also see that you may need others to pray for you or support you. As God reveals things to do, do not be afraid. Reach out and find the help you need. Just start writing. Date your entries. Be honest and open, remembering this is for you, not anyone else. Write about feelings or moments that you are experiencing today or have had in the past. Write about your sister. What do you miss about her? What did you value most about your relationship? Why is it so difficult not having her around? What is God telling you today? Write down any scriptures that help you.

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