It Was One of Those Days

Yesterday was “one of those days.”  I was struggling with loneliness from the loss of my dear husband. There are moments in our lives when we cannot find anything that satisfies. Family and friends try to help, and we are glad they do, but it is impossible for them to truly understand the depth of pain that we are feeling.

I tried retail therapy, reading, and driving around my community where I live to see the beauty of Spring. I spoke to several people on the phone and in person. Nothing seemed to help me. I finally went home and stopped trying to fill the emptiness I felt. When I finally sat down in a chair in my living room, the restlessness stopped as I was still.  I focused on the One who could help me – God himself. I just sat still, waited, and talked to the Lord. Then it happened.  I could feel God’s presence giving me the peace I needed.  Has it been “one of those days” for you? Try just sitting still and wait for God’s presence to be felt. Take time to chat with Him.  Yesterday was one of those days for me but today is a new day and I feel His refreshing.

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