Is this normal?

I am grieving and I feel like I am going crazy. Is this normal?

We live in a fast-paced world and it can feel like there is no place for grief and mourning. People want those who are grieving to “get over” or find “closure” to their grief experience as quickly as possible. Family and friends don’t always want to acknowledge the loss so they sometimes don’t know what to say. Often those who have lost a loved one feel like they are going crazy as they experience a roller coaster of emotions. This is normal. The grief journey is a process; it takes time. Most people describe extreme ups and downs. From my own experience and from listening to others I have found that during the first year of grief we are just surviving, then into the second year we really feel our grief and that can make us feel like we are going crazy. Be patient with yourself. Participate in a support group which will give you an opportunity to talk as well as listen to others.

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