I Made it to Christmas

It was hard and almost impossible for you but cookies were made, some gifts were bought. You were able to attend some Christmas programs. You also made decisions to let the Lord lead you as you made decisions for yourself. You discovered that you did not have to do everything! Things could be different this year. Not everyone understood but you found out that you felt good about your decisions. You finally realized that you made it to Christmas. You have made another decision and that is to let the emotions that you are feeling to be felt. You will try with the help of God to remember the real reason for the Season and that is “Jesus.” He was born in a manger to die on a cross for me! Wow, He loves me that much. So this Christmas you will trust that Jesus will get you through the hard moments and fill you with joy. Joy in having those around me that love me as well as peace that comes from knowing the Savior that was born. Merry Christmas! You made it!!

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