I am living every day with physical pain. I try to pray but I don’t feel like it reaches God. I can’t see God or hear Him these days. I feel so alone. Can you help me?

I first want to say that I am so sorry that you are living every day with physical pain. It is so hard for healthy people to truly understand how difficult that really is. What complicates things is the medication one must take when they are experiencing pain and that would sometimes make it more difficult to pray. You may feel that God does not hear you. You probably feel very much out of control. You wrote that you don’t feel like your prayer reaches God. All prayer reaches God. He sees your heart and knows it well so keep praying. Don’t depend on your emotions to determine the effectiveness of your prayers. Ps. 66:19-20 (Amplified Bible) says: “But certainly God has heard me, He has given heed to the voice of my prayer. Blessed be God Who has not rejected my prayer, nor removed His mercy and living-kindness from being (as it always is) with me.” You may not see God physically but you can see Him and hear from Him through the scriptures. In knowing Him, you will not feel alone. Share your needs with others so that they can effectively pray for you.

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