I am caring for my loved who has been chronically ill for 15 years

I am caring for my loved who has been chronically ill for 15 years. I am tired and feel guilty that I am beginning to resent my loved one. I don’t have much of a life anymore. I feel isolated and emotionally and spiritually drained. Most of our friends don’t call or stop by anymore. Does anyone really understand what caregivers really go through on a daily basis?

I must be honest. I don’t think people understand what caregivers go through on a daily basis unless they have experienced it. However, that does not mean that they can’t learn how to understand and give support to caregivers. Caregiving is hard work. Many caregivers are employed and then have to come home to care for their loved one. They have very little time off. Often there are others in the home who need your attention as well. It is important to make a decision to take time to care for yourself. Take a walk, listen to music, and write to God. Allow yourself to grieve the losses that are in your life. Find people you can talk to and pray with. Join a support group, although that is not always easy to fit into your busy schedule but perhaps someone would be willing to stay with your loved one so you could attend. Caregivers must ask for help! Remember that the God has not forgotten you or your loved one.

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