God gives us a reason to celebrate this Christmas

Perhaps you are among the many people for whom this Christmas Season is not a season of joy but a trial and a challenge because of the losses you have had to face.  For you, the Christmas cheer and the reason for celebration have long since been lost in the fog of confusion, disappointment and loneliness. It is not a season to enjoy, but it has become a season to be endured.  The Christmas season or any holiday can bring lots of discouragement. Discouragement blocks us from seeing the good things that are right in front of us to celebrate.  It can smother our ambitions, cause doubts to control our actions, freeze our creative minds, paralyze our faith, magnify our problems, cloud our vision of what could be, and dash our dreams. We often forget the past victories we had and how faithful God has been, and for sure we do not remember at all the reason for the season, which is Jesus Christ. God has a better plan for you this season. He wants to remind you that there is HOPE. The Light of God’s love is much like the morning sun, warming us, lighting our way, and He can awaken in us the hope of new beginnings.  He gives us a reason to celebrate as He reminds us of the gift that He gives us at Christmas, the gift of His love which comes through his Son, Jesus.  As we receive that love, then we can freely give it to others and our hearts can once again be filled with meaning and purpose.  May this Christmas season bring you peace as you sit in His presence and feel His assurance that all will be well as you trust in Him.

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