First Steps

This week we began our grief support groups. There are men and women who have taken the first steps towards healing for themselves.  They are not quite sure yet if healing will occur but they are willing to give it a try. What is normal and not normal in their grief journey is part of what they are trying to process. To be willing to process anything is a huge step when you have lost someone who meant the world to you and is no longer physically with you.  It is so hard to take those first steps of admitting that you need help. It is hard for them to believe that this first step that they are taking could make a difference in their life. To believe that anyone is really interested in who they are and in the pain that they are experiencing. To believe that there are people who truly want to hear their story. That there is a place where they can feel safe to share their thoughts and know they will be kept confidential.  It takes courage to do what these people have done already this week. I am so proud of each and every one of them. Thank you for trusting us at Spiritual Care Support Ministries. Just as a child takes those first precious steps to being able to walk, we choose to be with you as you have taken your first steps towards healing! There is still time for those who have been reluctant to take those first steps. Come and join us! If you need a gentle push, please call me at 540-349-5814 or e-mail me at

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