First Steps in the New Year

We won’t know what the year 2019 will bring to our lives but at Spiritual Care Support Ministries we know who does. God knows exactly what is going to happen. I encourage you to start the year asking God to give you wisdom and discernment in all decisions that you make. When you are hedged in by trials, hold on to His promises found in the Bible.  In God we have hope for 2019. He promises never to leave you no matter if you are Chronically Ill, grieving the death of a loved one or experiencing any type of personal loss. He loves you and knows you. He has seen how many times you have tried to do things and failed but He wants you to keep trying. The dream He gave you is still in your reach. Don’t give up.  His desire is for you to talk to Him in prayer acknowledging your love and trust in Him. As we start this new year, we must realize that life can be difficult and there will be challenges you will face. We cannot handle it alone. We need God and we need others to speak in to our lives, encouraging us and praying for us. It is never easy to reach out as we all fear that the one person we reach out to will not listen, and judge what we are saying.  Others may reject us. What a difference it will make for you when you do reach out.  Start this new year by taking the first step. Start it with a prayer to a God who knows all things and, then, take the next step and reach out to others. Everyone at Spiritual Care Support Ministries is here to give you the support you need.  Give us a call at 540-349-5814 or email me at  I will be praying that God will give you the courage this year to take those first steps to healing so you can be transformed by God and experience a  future which brings peace.

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