Entering the year 2020

God has me at a standstill. In other words, I can do nothing except sit and be grateful that in this position I am not in excruciating back pain from bulging discs and bursitis in my right hip. I have been dealing with this challenge for over two months. I have prayed, read His Word, claimed His promises and praised God for His love for me. I tried rehab, the creams that everyone gave me, turmeric, exercises, and cold and heat packs. Heat seems to worked the best for me. Yeah! I have heard all kind of remedies on Facebook that others have tried. I have tried some myself. I have pushed through by trying to get up and do something which puts me in a worse situation with excruciating pain for an hour or more, so I sit still. I am finally getting the message from the Lord loud and clear: “Be still, Liz.” So that is what I am doing. At the moment I am praying for others who are suffering as we begin this New Year 2020. I don’t believe in New Year resolutions. I go into the New Year asking God to help me to do right thing, asking for wisdom to accomplish His perfect will in my life. I pray that I will reach the goals He has set before me. So as I sit still until His healing power is manifested in my physical body I will try to be patient. God knows the timing when He will make things right. I may have tears starting this New Year but, in my weakness, He will give me strength to endure. I pray that others who are reading this blog, who are suffering physically or suffering from loss, know that God knows exactly what you are going through. Lean into Him. Let Him see those tears. Let Him hear your doubts and questions. Share your fears. Give Him your anxiety. Let it all out and then give a shout of Praise! Praising Him will make you feel refreshed from the inside out. A healthy and blessed New Year to you and your families.

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