Early Morning Hours

I love the early morning hours before the hectic pace of the day begins. I sit out in my gazebo and listen to the birds sing.  I watch all kinds of different types of birds feasting from our bird feeder. It’s almost like they know I am here and want to say to me, “Good for you, you took time to enjoy the early morning blessings of being able to hear us sing and watch us eat.” Everything is so beautiful and there are no distractions. My flowers outside are bursting with color.  I feel God’s presence as I see His creation all around me and feel the cool breeze. The sun has come out and is shining on some of the trees as if to say, “Wake up, it’s a new day. Enjoy!” I love the early morning hours as God speaks to me through His Word and today He shared Proverbs 3:3 with me. I read from the New International Version. “Let love and faithfulness never leave you, bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.” Sometimes it is hard to show love and to be faithful to the things God has asked you to do. It is hard to be faithful to the relationships you have because of challenges that we face through chronic illness or personal loss.   I know it is not impossible because, through the strength of the Holy Spirit, God has made a way for us to achieve this. He is there to help us. So, today I choose love and faithfulness.  I thank God for the early morning hours with Him. When he speaks, I feel refreshed.  How about you?

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