Dear Chaplain Liz, I am a caregiver. I love my wife very much and I would do anything for her. It really gets hard sometimes to meet all the demands of caring for her. Even as I write this, I begin to feel guilty that I even shared that with you. Why is it so hard for caregivers to be able to share their real feelings?

Thank you so much for being real. I don’t think that caregivers are the only ones who have a difficult time sharing their real feelings. For anyone, taking the mask off is difficult. When a person shares their feelings, they need to be around people they can trust. They need to know they will not be judged. In your heart you know how hard you work to care for your wife and you should not feel guilty for sharing your feelings. You are human. God understands those feelings. Caregiver support groups can be very helpful, so, I encourage you to look for one. Ask for prayer and find others you can be real with. Remember always, that God is hearing your prayers and He understands those demands. He will give you strength to do what you need to do.

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