Guest Blog: Coping with The Loss of a Child

Coping with The Loss of a Child

No parent is ever prepared for the devastating loss of their child. The death of a child may be the worst trauma a human being can experience.  The pain from losing a child can seem unbearable and lead to many other complicated emotions.

Grief is a natural process after dealing with such a loss.

Here are some suggestions that may be helpful during this process:

When dealing with a traumatic experience, many people are compelled to “be strong.” You may feel like it is your duty to get through this situation with strength and grace.  It is okay to accept your grief and sadness. Allow yourself to process your emotions and never be afraid to talk with someone about the way you feel.

  • Talk about your child and use their name.
  • Seek support through family and friends. Ask them to help with household chores, care for the other children, run errands, or help with their pet needs (walking dogs, cleaning litter boxes, etc.).
  • Take your time. Mourning the loss of someone you love is a journey that cannot be rushed. Allow yourself to feel the loss and be patient with your journey of grief. There is no time limit on this process so do not worry if you feel that it is taking a long time to make progress.
  • Memorialize your child.  Gather your child’s favorite items like their favorite blanket, toys, and snacks. You can place these in a box with photos and use this as a way to remember all the things that brought them joy. Do whatever you know is best for you.

You should not expect to “get over” the death of your child but, as time goes on, the grieving process can become easier and you will learn how to work through your loss and experience healing.

Struggling with grief can be an intensely difficult process and is not easily done alone. Remember, when going through tough times, you are not alone. If you are struggling, please contact us for help and support. Spiritual Care Support Ministries offers support for anyone struggling with grief,  terminal illness, chronic illness, and other personal losses. Contact us through our website, or call us at 540-349-5814.

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