Chiang Mai Thailand 2016

It is morning where I am in Thailand. Coffee cup in hand, I’m thinking about all the differences here. It is so different from where I live.  Although some things are different, a lot of things are the same. People are people everywhere you go and their needs are very much the same as ours. The people in Thailand drive just as crazy as many in USA.   I just hold my breath as I watch the motorbikes weave in and out around us as we drive. ? I see beautiful flowers that we do not have in Virginia. Tropical trees are here because of the hot humid weather.  I see a lot of differences but God does not see differences.  He sees his creation and it is all beautiful. He sees people here in Thailand as well as you wherever you are and there are no differences. We are all alike in His eyes. He sees the hearts of everyone. He has made a way for all of us around the world to find hope and healing no matter what you are going through. God loves you.  He can transform a heart to love again, to believe again, to hope again, and to see a way again when you thought there was no way. Be encouraged today.

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