Can We Trust God?

Sometimes, without giving any consideration to their spiritual maturity, we advise our friends or family to “just trust God.” The truth is that confidence in our Father is not automatic. It doesn’t just happen the moment you realize that God loves you so much that he sent His Son Jesus to come to earth and to die on the cross for your sins as well as the sins of every human being on this earth!  The truth is trust must be learned.

The world offers us many philosophies from which to choose. We are told that we can mix a little of this with a bit of that and create a suitable belief system. No wonder it is hard for people to trust God. They don’t know the God whom they are trusting and this leads to confusion and doubt. We must get back to the basics.

God is perfect in love. He always does what is best for us even though we cannot understand His ways. God is infinite in wisdom. He knows the right moves for us to make and He will direct our steps if we allow Him.  God is completely sovereign in His control. We can trust Him because He has perfect and complete control over every last detail of our lives.

No matter what befalls you, the all-loving, all-wise, all-powerful heavenly Father has you in the cradle of His hand and you can trust Him.

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