Be Still, and Know that I am God (Psalm 46:10)

It really is hard to be still, to be quiet in a world of so much noise. There are voices all around us trying to say something to direct us to make good choices for our lives and also not so good choices. Can you relate to this?  I have personally been trying hard to find those moments when I can just sit, be still, and wait to hear from God. It is a spiritual discipline I have been learning when I go on my silent retreat each year.  It has changed my life to have this special week of waiting on God for direction, for wisdom, or just for Worship.  However, we all need to hear from God more than once a year. Today, I encourage you to find a private and special place and just sit with your eyes closed and your hand on your lap opened to God and be still, be quiet, and hear from Him.

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