A Valentine’s Day Greeting from God

Everyone this week is preparing for Valentine’s Day. It is another opportunity for us to send a card to those we love or are thinking about. It certainly is keeping the florist, candy makers and card stores busy as people are purchasing what they think will be just right for that special someone. Right now I am thinking of you who may not receive flowers, candy or a card. Does it mean that you are not loved? I just want to remind you that God loves you. He loves you not just on Valentine’s Day but every day of the year. You may be chronically ill, fighting pain every day. You may have just experienced a loss of a loved one or have experienced another type of loss that has devastated you. Perhaps you are a caregiver for someone. You are weary and discouraged as you have found caregiving exhausting. God knows what you are going through. In Psalms 139 it talks about how God knows everything about you. When you sit, stand and lie down. He knows your thoughts before they are even said. He is familiar with all your ways. The Lord is thinking of you constantly. He is thinking of you right now. He wants to send you a Valentine’s greeting today: I loved the world so much which includes you that I sent my son Jesus to die on the cross for the sins of the world. In doing that, your sins are forgiven and you have the promise of heaven! In Zephaniah 3:17 it says that He will quiet you with his love. That is the best Valentine’s Day gifts we could ever receive and it is for everyone.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Spiritual Care Support Ministries.

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