A Christmas Gift For Everyone

Everyone at Spiritual Care Support Ministries looks forward to 2019 and all that God will do for His glory as healing occurs in the lives of those who come to us for ministry. God has been showing us that He is the God of the miraculous. God’s power can break through improbable situations. In addition, He is the God of the meticulous. He cares about every detail in our lives and nothing catches Him by surprise. He is also the God of the mundane. He chooses to use us in the ordinary moments of life. He shows up in unexpected ways if we allow Him to.  God has given us the best gift that anyone could ever receive and that is his Son, Jesus Christ. Not only was He born, but He also went to the cross for our sins. As His children, we have an inheritance. As we make Jesus Lord of our lives, we receive the special blessings of knowing Him. The blessings of healing, peace, comfort, wisdom, discernment,  joy, unconditional love, heaven and so much more.  Choose Jesus this Christmas and this gift will last you a lifetime.  Have a meaningful Christmas and may 2019 be filled with God moments that transform your life.

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