Year of New Beginnings

Happy New Year from everyone at Spiritual Care Support Ministries! Can you believe we are already a few days in to 2017?

I believe for me, personally, and in ministry it will be “A Year of New Beginnings”.  I am excited to see what God has in store for me and for everyone at SCSM. We have been patient, prayerfully waiting for our new SCSM Center. We believe this is the year when the new center will be built. Already trees have been taken down so there is movement on the property. We are excited for the new programs that we will launch and for the opportunity to serve God by helping people throughout our community, the USA and the world!   We may look small but we are powerful as God leads us!

Personally, my prayer to God is to help me clean away those things in my life that will drag me down from doing what God has for me to do as an individual and as a minister.   I want to continue to learn how to “be still” so I can hear God’s voice more clearly. I want to be able to pray more, learn more of how I should live and treat people through reading God’s Word.  Be obedient when God asks me to do something and go in to action and do it. Not to fear but to trust and believe with all my heart that God will give me and SCSM a year that will glorify Him. Will it be perfect? I don’t think so. Will it be a year that I will need Jesus more than ever? I think so, and that is a good place to be.  By the way, I have also added to my list that I hope to exercise more, lose some weight, and drink more water! 🙂

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