Peace and comfort to you on this Mother’s Day

God’s purpose for a mother’s love is to be one of a kind. It begins before her child is born and continues for a lifetime and beyond. The bond we share with her is the first we experience.  God’s plan is that we would be nurtured by her caring–we thrive and grow in the knowledge that there is someone who loves us unconditionally. It is her voice we want to hear when we face challenges.  On this Mother’s Day, there are many who are not celebrating but feeling the loss and pain of not having their mother physically with them because they have died. There are also women who have lost a child to death and have only memories to prove that they are a mother. I want you to know that I am remembering you today in prayer. Although there is much pain, please take time to remember that they were in your life. Your memories are a gift from God that death cannot take away, and those memories are proof that you are a mother. May the peace of God and His comfort fill your heart on this Mother’s Day and throughout the year.

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