I am trying to understand grief and the reactions people have when they grieve so that I can better understand how to support them. What are some common reactions?

Grief is complicated, and there are many variables to the grieving process which include the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological. As I have sat and listened to many people in our support groups, they often share that they feel like they are going “crazy.” This is very real. They may be experiencing some very common grief behaviors that make them feel like that. There can be physical and emotional reactions. This may include crying, anger with themselves, God, or even the one that has died, and guilt.  Some people withdraw as they deal with all the necessary “business” of remembering their loved one and taking care of the necessary details that the loved one has left behind. Grief is their own journey, and they must have permission to do it their way. I encourage you to join a support group and let the group teach you valuable lessons that will help you give support effectively.

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