How do I know when I need to ask for professional help when I am grieving?

I first want you to know that it takes courage to ask that question. These are some of the “red flags” that may be helpful in letting you know if you should ask for help.  You should ask for help if you are constantly thinking of ending your life and have a plan to do that. A person who is working through their process of grief in a healthy way usually desires to want to live and seeks way to do that which comes through group participation, friends, etc. If you find yourself not desiring to be with your family and friends anymore and you are isolating yourself.  If you are not paying attention to your physical needs which includes food, fluids, exercise and rest.  If you are using tranquilizers and sleeping pills for too long, drinking alcohol or using drugs, eating too much, or too little, ask someone to help you get the counselor you need and be sure to ask the counselor if they have had grief experience.

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