Christmas is supposed to be a very special time but…

Christmas is supposed to be a very special time, but I find myself depressed and stressed out. Can you help me?

The Christmas holidays can be wonderful. Yet during this special season as we shop for gifts, bake, decorate and visit with family and friends, we can feel all kind of emotions. This is normal for everyone, but especially for those who are ill or grieving. We can feel stress, loneliness, depression and sometimes even anger. One suggestion is to examine your expectations. Those expectations that you created during childhood change as you become an adult. Are your expectations realistic? Ask yourself the question, Can I really accomplish all I want with the time and energy I have? What traditions should I change this year? Must we do everything the same as always? Accept the reality that Christmas will have good and bad moments. Simplify your Christmas. On a daily basis, pray and let God guide you. Prepare your heart and put Jesus at the heart of your celebration. Be willing to let God speak to you. Find someone you can talk to. If you are grieving because of a loss of a loved one, illness, divorce, or even separation because family lives so far away, do what is comfortable for you, not what you feel obligated to do. Let the people around you know what you need. Make good decisions for yourself this Christmas season and you will find that you are less depressed and stressed out.

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