Blizzard of 2016

I am watching the snow come down from my window. What a sight! It is always so beautiful when it first comes down. I am reminded of a scripture from Psalm 51:7 where it speaks of becoming clean as the Lord washes us and the result is that we will be whiter than snow. Wow, what an encouragement to all of us. As we are safe and warm today and experiencing the “Blizzard of 2016” take time to ask God to cleanse you from some of those things that have separated you from God.  However, be reminded that Jesus Christ, God’s Son,  who gave the ultimate sacrifice for all of us  on the cross, wants us to be reminded that as we watch the snow outside that there is a way to make our heart right and it is available to you. Whiter than snow? Wow, only God can make that miracle happen. You do not have to carry all the weight of your past mistakes but you can free yourself from them as you come to the one that has the power to do so. He is ready to transform your life just like he has transformed mine and many other lives who have come to Spiritual Care Support Ministries for support.   If you want to talk about it contact me at or call 540-349-5814.

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