African Violets

Have you ever really looked at an African violet plant? I have one on my kitchen table that I bought three years ago at a local grocery store. the African violet that I have, when it is in bloom, has five pedals with four yellow stamens in the center. They have delicate leaves, very different textured leaves, different from my other plants that I have in our home. Arvid’s Mom and my grandmother Clara always had African violets, but I always remember my grandmother telling me that they were hard to grow. For some reason my African violet is set in the right place, is getting enough sun. The temperature of the room must be perfect for it, and it continually provides beautiful purple flowers. This beautiful African violet reminds me of how unique human beings are and how they are created. We are all so beautiful in God’s sight. When we are in the right place, feeding ourselves with the sun of God’s word, being watered by the Spirit of God we all produce beautiful flowers in our lives despite illness or loss. We are still able to produce flowers of patience, kindness, gentleness and love. If you do not have an African violet, I encourage you to go and purchase one. Let it be a reminder to you every day as the blooms burst forth that this can be you. Bloom where you are planted and let God be glorified.

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