A New Journey for 2016

I have begun a new journey in to the year 2016. I do not know what I will encounter but I know that I can trust the Lord to come along with me. How about you? Will you take this journey with me? Some things I do know. I struggle with pain from arthritis, blind in one eye and other physical challenges.  My precious husband Arvid was just diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis for which there is no cure (but God).  I am the founder, President, CEO and Executive Director of a ministry with which God has entrusted me, along with our 95 volunteers and two paid employees. We have three children and seven grandchildren and all of them will face challenges this year, including my Dad who is 90 years old. Their challenges will affect me as well.  I do not know what is ahead for the year 2016 and you do not know either.  However, I know that God will give us precious moments to savor and enjoy. We cannot lose out on those moments.  Let us celebrate when we can and take in every moment! That is what life is all about. Good and bad times, God is in them all. My faith is in the One who can bring us through the daily challenges we face. My heart is at peace knowing that God is with me although that does not mean I don’t feel overwhelmed at times because I do. It’s in those times I go back to the basics, spending time in prayer and reading my Bible as well as spending time with precious friends.  My prayer is that you will know that peace as well. Thanks for joining me on this journey.  Remember if you need to talk, call me at 540-349-5814 or email me at ChaplainLiz@scsm.tv.

Questions & Comments

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