A Moment to Reflect with Tea

How has your week been for you? Today, I needed a little something hot and refreshing. For me it means I need to have a cup of hot tea. I learned so much about tea drinking when I lived in England. It was a special time for me and my British friends when we stopped and had tea together in the afternoon.  For centuries, tea has been the drink of choice for the rich and the poor at any age.  I enjoy tea because of its relaxing and calming qualities.  Brewing a cup of tea isn’t as quick or convenient as opening a can of soda but it is worth the small inconvenience.  God is aware of the complexities and stress-filled circumstances that you are facing in your life right now.  When you find yourself feeling the stress, boil the water, steep the tea and sit for a moment, allowing yourself to enjoy the incredible benefits of a simple cup of tea. Have a chat with God and share all your concerns, reflect upon His faithfulness and before long you will feel so much better.  “Take a lesson from tea; its real strength comes out when it gets into hot water.” (Author Unknown)

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