How do I help my friend who is grieving?

Helping begins with being a good listener. Your friend will need to mourn, and that means you may hear the same story over and over. Your friend does not want you to “fix” him or her but to just listen and show your concern. Allow your friend to express their feelings without you being critical of what they share. Avoid clichés. Offer practical help. Making meals, taking care of their pets, or doing errands is always helpful. Writing personal notes or sending cards always shows that you are thinking of them. Be willing to pray for your friend. Be aware of holidays, anniversaries, or other special dates you may know as they may be days when your friend will experience great pain and will need some extra support. You will need to understand that your friend will need time to process the loss and that means you may have to show a lot of patience while you journey with your friend. As you give your friend the “gift of yourself,” I believe this will promote healing for your friend.

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