Ken’s chronic pain journey

Wow!! You’re not Alone!! God is so Faithful!! Through all of my Illnesses and Injuries and Chronic Pain God has been there !! I also have had steroid injections , epidurals , botox injectors Failures in bed for months . Cervical spine surgeries . Frozen shoulder ,scapular tear and severe nereve pain down scapular back arm and hand from an 8-10 on Pain Meds Narcotics , Valium, Muscle Relavers Neuropathy Meds ,Tens Units , Water Therapy , Physical Therapy , Ice and Heat Therapy , Lidoderm ..etc…Topamax, Gralise…I’m living with Fibromyalgia and Cervical Disc Disease Fusion and Degeneration with a titatanium plate and screws and my hip bones up in my neck . But God is My Rock and My Fortress !! I don’t look at My situation anymore , I keep my eyes Focused on JESUS , my Strength and My Healer …One Day I will Be Whole …not today But One Day . I’ve seen him bring my son back from dead with his Breathe . I know God can Heal . My son is a Living walking MIRACLE. He was dead for 20 minutes God brought him back to life with No deficit!! He has touched him multiple times…your mother knows of God’s Miraculous Healings of Michael Walsh. We Are Believers . Ken , Keep sharing your Story …People need to know . It’s not that God isn’t ignoring our Prayers …. He’s walking with Us and keeping Us during these times and Our Faith is Growing and STRENGTHING or We wouldn’t Make it Through these times …God is with Us . His Promises are True . To Never Leave Us Not Forsake Us ….Amen… His Timing is Perfect … His Ways are Higher and GREATER than Ours Could Ever Be Amen <3

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