My Father and my Lord, Thank You for being my constant guide. Help me to be sensitive … and obedient to Your guidance. Give me eyes that see and ears that hear Your leading … Your nudging … Your encouragement. Also, when I am off course and on dangerous detours, let me be open to Your will to redirect me back on track even if You need to push me. Help me know that I have a part in this, too. I can’t just sit back and wait for miracle after miracle. I need to be a better steward of the daily opportunities to exercise the instruction and victory You have for me. I pray this and all prayers in the name of the One You sent to teach me, Jesus Christ; and all God’s children say – AMEN!
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Spiritual Care Support Ministries, Inc.

Spiritual Care Support Ministries provides grief and bereavement counseling and support groups in Manassas, VA, and around the world. It is our mission to provide compassionate care and emotional healing for individuals and families struggling with loss and pain, whether from illness or the death of a loved one, a chronic condition, divorce, or something else. Our support is strengthened through a faith perspective, with open dialogues accepting of all faith backgrounds. We understand that each person’s beliefs and the way in which we each mourn and heal is different; yet each person needs and deserves a friend, a shoulder, encouragement and compassion as they work through feelings of loss. Through the care and professional assistance of our staff, and through sharing with support groups, Spiritual Care Support Ministries provides compassion, counseling and togetherness, free of charge, to any in need, at any time.

Spiritual Care Support Ministries organizes a variety of support groups, individual sessions, events and services to help grieving families and individuals come together with spiritual and emotional guidance. When struggling with loss, it can feel as though your life is in upheaval and nothing makes sense; our care network and events are specialized towards each person’s unique experience and provide a rock of stability amongst the confusion. Whether you are coping with the loss of a spouse, a child, a parent, a pet, you or family member are struggling with a terminal illness, or you are a caregiver in need of support, there are support groups, conversations and counseling, including others who share and understand your grief. From our experienced counseling staff to our trained volunteers to the others in our groups who understand your experience, each member offers insight, guidance, empathy and reassurance through a deep spiritual and emotional connection. There are no strangers, no judgments, no wrong answers or fees of any kind, only compassionate care and solidarity during this difficult time.

Chaplian Liz Danielsen leads Spiritual Care Support Ministries and helps others become trained in grief counseling. In addition to individual counseling and support groups, Chaplain Liz also leads training sessions, women’s retreats, Bible studies, special events and also preaches to pass on care strategies and effective support techniques to others in need. Many who overcome their struggles with grief and loss seek to share their strength and experience with others. Counseling training allows others to share their unique understanding, faith and power over adversity with others, and inspire those that feel lost in grief. While Spiritual Care Support Ministries is Virginia-based, Chaplain Liz shares support and counseling through online media, as well as through publications, spiritual literature, and events nation-wide. Distance is no obstacle to empathy and care, and can be found online, over the phone, in your email box, and, especially, among God, friends and family.

Illness and death affect everyone in your family, young and old. Our bereavement support groups include children, teens and adults of all ages, with materials, conversations and leadership catered towards each group’s needs. These group meetings provide a safe place for families and individuals to meet and discuss their feelings with others who understand their position, whether they be other children struggling with confusion and uncertainty, teens newly experiencing death and loss, or adults coping with heavy responsibilities and mourning. During family illness and loss, talking and discussing with others helps to alleviate coping pressures, confusion, and hopelessness, and provides a solid foundation that each person can count on. Support groups, bible study, spiritual retreats, prayer sessions, coffee hours and other events allow individuals to come together and join with others while they seek guidance and meaning. Spiritual dialogues, emotional expression, coping strategies, or even simply an everyday conversation with a friend helps make life feel normal again, and it helps return happiness, strength and faith to your life.

Spiritual Care Support Ministries is a non-profit, non-denominational support ministry aiding those suffering with loss and grief. We lead a variety of support groups and events throughout the year for people of all ages, working through any of life’s challenges. If you are struggling with loss, illness, or other emotional trials, see the support groups section to find a group near you. Take a look at our calendar to learn more about our prayer groups, Coffee and Conversation sessions, bible studies and more. To learn more about individual consultations, spiritual retreats, training and other events, contact us for more information. If you are visiting our site from out-of-state, also contact us to learn more about remote consultations and online resources for grief support, and to share support with others through God.

Also, please note that our organization is run on donations; if you have the means to help donate to a wonderful cause, we would really appreciate your support! Please contact us for more details.