Guest Blog: The Various Benefits of Being a Volunteer

If you have spent time volunteering before, you might actually be a happier, healthier, and well-rested person compared to people who have not given it a shot.

VolunteVolunteer with Spiritual Care Support Ministries ering is all about giving back to others but Spiritual Care Support Ministries can guarantee that you’ll get something out of volunteering too.

Take a look at the various benefits that come with volunteering and you might feel called to spend some of your time helping others.

Gain World Experience

Volunteering in a country, state, city, or neighborhood that is unfamiliar to you, with people you haven’t met before, will effortlessly broaden your world views and experiences. You will meet people who will change your heart, who you would have otherwise never met.

Volunteering with new people will not only expand your social circle but will help you learn more about the world around you. However, that is not where the benefits end: doing work in a variety of different industries can help you identify what type of work you are best at. You might not make a career change, but you will gain some valuable skills. Plus, having a steady volunteer gig will make you more attractive to prospective employers.

Tremendous Mood Booster

Spending time volunteering can drastically improve your mood. If you spend a lot of time feeling down, spending a few hours a week volunteering can help give you a better sense of purpose. Many organizations depend heavily on volunteers to make the difference, and it will feel so good to be that difference.  Plus, the forced socialization aspect of volunteering gives you a chance for some human interaction, which can be just what you need to turn a bad day into a good one.

Volunteers often experience an overwhelming sensation of bliss after spending some time helping others; perhaps that sensation a result of our self-worth increasing.

Learn Time Management

It might sound crazy, but packing more obligations into your day might actually make you feel like you have more time in a given day. Instead of wasting time binge watching Netflix, (which we encourage here and there), spending some of your free hours volunteering, instead, will give you a true sense of accomplishment.

Help Build Community

If you’re moving or if you’re looking for more outlets that will help you get involved in your own community, volunteering is a great way to do so. It can be hard to get to know people, especially when you relocate. Volunteering will help you get to know people in your community and get to know the community as a whole. You’ll get to know your neighbors and build relationships with them which is getting harder and harder to do. By volunteering in your community, you are working towards creating a stronger community.

Prolong Good Mental Health

There has been plenty of research done on the benefits of volunteering, but one fact that stuck with us is that people who volunteer might be at a lower risk for dementia after age 65.

Getting socially involved can help to improve your brain’s elasticity increasing your chances of keeping it young and high-functioning even as you age. Although diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia are not preventable, volunteering can help you get your daily dose of brain function.

Encourage Physical Health

In addition to maintaining your mental health, volunteering can also help you to maintain your physical health! It has been said that volunteers are more likely to take good care of themselves and focus on their overall well-being.  Volunteering often requires a bit of physical activity, such as being on your feet, sealing envelopes, serving a meal, and so forth, which keeps you from becoming a couch potato.

Although most volunteering isn’t extremely physical, it will result in you being more active when compared to a few hours on the couch.

Support Local Organizations

Many local organizations and businesses, including Spiritual Care Support Ministries, heavily rely on their volunteers to keep their organization running. Spending time volunteering can keep organizations, charities, and businesses active in your local economy.

Increase Self Esteem

Put simply, volunteering makes you feel good about yourself. Spending your time helping others in need can give you a serious self-esteem boost and if you’ve been feeling down or you’re going through a hard time, volunteering can help improve your self-worth and provide you with a sense of pride and identity.

God gives us special abilities to accomplish His purposes on earth and He does that through people. Consider volunteering at Spiritual Care Support Ministries. We are looking for volunteers to help us answer telephones, teach inspirational studies, maintain gardens, help fundraise, visit those in need, and so much more. Call us today at 540-349-5814 to get started.

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