Celebrating Christmas with SCSM 2022!

Welcome to the Spiritual Care Support Ministries month-long Advent experience!

In keeping with tradition, we will honor personal heroes and the memory of loved ones (the reading of the names will be Saturday, December 17th), share the reading of the Christmas Story, and celebrate the lighting of the SCSM Christmas trees.

This year we also have some other festive treats in store for you!

  • Each day, beginning on Sunday, November 27th, the first day of Advent 2022 (so, #1 on the Advent calendar), a unique holiday surprise will be revealed from behind a tiny door.
  • You can only open the current day’s door, and any doors that have already been opened.
  • You cannot open doors in the future, so make sure to check back every day to get your new treat!
  • To make it even more fun, the doors will appear in random order each day so you’ll have to work a little bit for your surprise. We think it will be worth it! Hint: The door will wiggle!
  • When you click on a door – it will open at the top of the page so you may need to scroll up to see it.

From all your friends at SCSM, we wish you a warm and peaceful holiday season full of abundant blessings. Merry Christmas!