Dear Father God, I come to you today as a fearful follower. As Paul writes, I do feel as if I am wasting away. Most days I feel as if I am losing heart. As I read Your word today, I see where I have been going wrong. I have been looking only at what I can see. And what I can see is only temporary. Father, help me to fix my eyes and heart on what is deeper, for I know that what is deeper is more valuable. Help me to see today’s problems as opportunities. Your Word has taught me that when I am at my weakest, I really am at my strongest. Your strength and power make me strong. Father, please do not let today’s troubles diminish my faith in You. Please let my very weakness allow the resurrection power of Jesus Christ to strengthen me moment by moment. I pray in need of and through Jesus Christ. And all God’s children say AMEN!
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Spiritual Care Support MinistriesSM and Pastors


SCSM  provides  assistance  and  training to  faith communities so that they can effectively minister to those who are ill dying, bereaved and those who journey with them.

After many years of ministering as a Hospital and Hospice Chaplain,  Rev. Danielsen has seen  the need for  giving more support to  the faith communities and their Pastors in this area of pastoral need.

God values life.  He has called each of us to have a relationship with Him, but He has also called us to reach out to others. With His eyes He sees many people in physical and spiritual pain who are lonely and weary from illness and from loss, and who need understanding. They need someone to journey with them.

I have gained invaluable insights that
I have used to help others in my role
as Pastor....The GriefShare ministry
of Rev. Liz Danielsen is a tremendous
resource for our entire region and I
wholeheartedly encourage participation.

Rev. Jeff Light, Pastor
Novum Baptist Church
Reva, Virginia

Rev. Danielsen has found in her years working in New Jersey and Virginia that people are not turning to the faith community but to the secular community. SCSM is working to change that
Too many walked with the Lord for many years, but when illness or loss came into their lives, felt that God and their faith community no longer cared for them. Despair and disappointment caused them to turn their backs on God. Members of the Christian community who are trained to effectively minister to those who are sick and bereaved will make the difference in a life that is at the point of giving up.  Pastors become discouraged because they cannot do all that needs to be done. Spiritual Care Support MinistriesSM is a ministry that can help. As SCSM works with pastors and their church leaders and congregation, God will bring healing.  Chaplain Liz is available for speaking engagements, retreat workshops, training seminars and  facilitator bereavement training. Clergy bereavement support groups are provided when needed.

Only eternity will reveal the impact of what this ministry will do.

The following is a sample of courses and seminars Rev. Danielsen has taught to patients, family,
clergy and the community. These courses and seminars are available to address your church,
community, and physician's office and staff needs. Please Call Rev. Danielsen for more information about these topics.

Grief and Bereavement

Bereavement and National Tragedy
* Children and Grief
Coping with Loss
Complicated Grieving
Six Central Needs of the Bereaved
* Myths of Grief
Healing and Helping When a Baby Dies
Infant Loss
* The Journey of Grief
Comfort from God’s Word to Those Who are Grieving
Grief in the Work Place
Understanding Secondary Losses in Grief
Returning to Work and Church After Loss
Finding Healing Through Prayer and Meditation
Your Grief and God’s Promises
The Power of Prayer When Ministering to the Sick, Dying and Bereaved
Hope and Life after Loss
* The Cries of the Bereaved
Grieving a Suicide
Making Wise Decisions When Someone You Love is Dying
* Understanding Complicated Grieving
* Understanding Spiritual Pain of the Terminally Ill
* Understanding Spiritual Pain for those who are Bereaved
* Understanding Spiritual Pain for those with Chronic Illness and Pain
Understanding the Bereavement Journey
Seasons of Grief
Hope for the Grieving Heart during the Holiday Season
Understanding Those That Grieve During the Holiday Season
* Grieving the Loss of Your Family Member
Grieving the Loss of Your Spouse
Journey Through Grief When a Child Dies
* Journey Through the Shadows
Creating Meaningful Ceremonies and Rituals when Grieving
Men and Grief
Teen Grief
Grief in the Classroom
Finding Healing Through Prayer and Meditation
The Power of Prayer When Ministering to the Sick, Dying and Bereaved
Comfort from God’s Word to Those Who are Sick
The Value of Life in Spite of Illness
* Effective Ministry to the Sick
Spirituality and Cancer
Spirituality and Depression (Symptoms, Causes, and Spiritual Responses)


A Journey of Grief – A Guide for Clergy
Being Equipped to Care for Others in Grief
Understanding Complicated Grieving
Understanding Spiritual Pain of the Terminally Ill
Assessing Spiritual Needs
The Value of Life in Spite of Illness
Effective Ministry to the Sick
Facilitators’ Bereavement Training
Recruiting & Training Small Group Facilitators
Bereavement Training for Church Leaders
Training Others for Bereavement Ministry in the Faith Community
Understanding Spiritual Pain
Hospital Visitation and Ministry
Ministering in the Hospice Setting
Ministry of Presence
Caring for the Caregiver
Understanding Cultural Differences When Ministering to the Sick and Bereaved
Religious and Spiritual Needs of the Terminally Ill


Practicing the Presence of God in Your Life
Can You Trust God with Your Life?
God’s Presence in Time of Trouble
Where is God When I Hurt?
Caring for Oneself and Others
Search for Significance
Understanding Spiritual Pain
Stress Management

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