Each year we are encouraged by the way the Lord blesses the ministry of Spiritual Care Support Ministries (SCSM). Our income in 2015 was significantly lower than in 2014. Our expenses were also somewhat lower than in 2014, due partially to not having the expenses associated with the banquet. We are thankful that our net “profits” of $1476.63 in 2015 while much lower than the previous three years were still “positive”, although they were approximately $8600 lower than in 2014.

The Table below shows the Income and Expenditures for each year since we opened in 2004. The 2004 data reflects only a partial year (8 months) that the SCSM Center in Warrenton was open. Overall, for this 11 year – 8 month period, our Total Income is approaching $1,000,000 while the overall Net Income is approximately $10,000.

financials 1

As a more recent update, for the first nine months of 2016 (1Q – 3Q), our Expenditures have significantly exceeded our Income, which has resulted in a Deficit of approximately $26,000. Therefore, we would so much appreciate your continued financial support so that we can erase this Deficit to be able to finish this year “Deficit free”.

As in all previous years, the SCSM Board (including the President and CEO) are all “volunteers” and do not receive any compensation. We have had two part-time employees (administrator and receptionist) for approximately the last two years.

May the Lord bless you as you continue to pray for and support this ministry. Thank you for standing with us as we meet the needs of those that are ill, dying, grieving, and have experienced losses in their lives as well as those that are “journeying” with them.

The charts below show the breakdown on our total income between Donations and Grants for calendar year 2015.

financials 2

The following chart shows the distribution of expenses in 2015.financials 3